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DashX provides you with a unified interface to send/receive messages across various channels - Email, Push Notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, to name a few.

This guide will walk you through the following steps:

Message Templates

  • Navigate to the Templates section in the Messaging app.
  • Click on the [+] button to add a new template.
  • Select the type of template based on the channel you wish to send messages over - Email template, Push Notification template, SMS template, or WhatsApp template. You can also use a Universal template, which allows you to send a single template to multiple channels.
  • Each type of template has its own special editor. However, there are 2 important fields:
    • Name: This helps you distinguish your templates from one another. These do not appear in the actual message. Typically, templates are named either by their content (example: 'Forgot Password', 'Welcome') or their usage (example: 'User Abandoned Cart').
    • Identifier: This is used to trigger messages programatically via the DashX API.


  • Navigate to the Preferences section in the Messaging app.
  • Click on the [+] button to add a new preference.
  • While creating a Preference, these fields must be entered:
    • Name: This is a human-readable name for your preference.
    • Identifier: This is used programatically to save preferences via the DashX API.
    • Enabled by Default: The default value for this preference, if not overidden by the user.
    • Gated Templates: The list of templates that this preference guards. If the user has this preference disabled, then these templates will not be sent to the user.

Viewing Stored Preferences

  • Navigate to the Preferences section in the Messaging app.
  • Click on Stored Preferences on the top-right.
  • Select the correct Environment that you want to inspect.
  • You can now either:
    • Find the Stored Preferences of a specific Account
    • Find the Accounts that have a specific value for a Preference

Messaging Services

  • Switch to the Workspace dashboard from the top bar.
  • Navigate to the Apps section.
  • Under the Messaging Services category, you can select from a number of third-party providers that deliver messages across Email, Push, SMS and WhatsApp. Use the following integration guides to integrate your favorite messaging service:
    • Amazon SES (Email)
    • Exotel (SMS)
    • Firebase Cloud Messaging (Push)
    • Kaleyra (WhatsApp)
    • Mailgun (Email)
    • Mailjet (Email)
    • Mandrill (Email)
    • Postmark (Email)
    • SendGrid (Email)
    • SMTP (Email)
    • Twilio (SMS)
    • ValueFirst (WhatsApp)
    • WATI (WhatsApp)
For Developers

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