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Send Messages

In order to send messages, you need to create a Delivery using the deliver() method. This method requires a Private Key, and thus only available in the Backend SDKs.

Ensure you have installed DashX SDKs before continuing.

// Sending a Message Template
dashx.deliver('email/forgot-password', {
data: { reset_password_token: '<TOKEN>' }

// Sending an Ad-Hoc Message
dashx.deliver('email', {
content: {
name: 'Contact us',
from: '',
to: [email, ''],
subject: 'Contact Us Form',
html_body: `
<mj-divider border-color="#F45E43"></mj-divider>
<mj-text>Thanks for reaching out! We will get back to you soon!</mj-text>
<mj-text>Your feedback: </mj-text>
<mj-text>Name: {{name}}</mj-text>
<mj-text>Email: {{email}}</mj-text>
<mj-text>Feedback: {{feedback}}</mj-text>
<mj-divider border-color="#F45E43"></mj-divider>
data: {