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You can use the shortcut CMD + J or Ctrl + J to open the Jump Bar which lets you jump to any menu across any dashboard.

The DashX interface is organized by Dashboards > Menus > Sub-Menus > Views.


You can find the Dashboard Switcher in the top-right area of the DashX interface. Click on the switcher to select a Dashboard from a list of dashboards that you have access to.

Dashboard Switcher

Depending on your permissions, you may see 2 system dashboards - Workspace and Personal - which allow you to control many aspects of DashX. These dashboards are not editable.

By default, your workspace contains a dashboard called General, which is fully editable. You can also create additional dashboards which can be customised to your needs.

You can find Menus in both the Sidebar (which is your primary navigation) as well as the Topbar (which generally contains shortcuts and quick widgets). You can drag-and-drop menus to move them around. Right-click a menu item for edit/delete options.